FaceMyDoc Partners with Scheduling Startup Cogsworth

America’s fastest growing telehealth provider network FaceMyDoc has formally announced their partnership with Cogsworth, a SaaS startup based in Australia. Both companies have been focused on the intersection of healthcare and technology, creating products that enable providers to be more efficient and increase engagement with their patients.

The Cogsworth flagship scheduling product is dubbed as the “tool of choice” by hundreds of medical organizations across the US and internationally. These clinics have turned to Cogsworth in order to solve the intricacies of scheduling while maintaining a simple user experience for both staff and patients. Cogsworth customers refer to their product as a “graduation” from simple scheduling tools to the professional business-centric scheduling the Cogsworth platform offers. With advanced features, video tutorials and tons of customization capabilities, Cogsworth is the perfect scheduling solution for healthcare providers of all sizes.

“FaceMyDoc remains focused on finding partners who are driving innovation and that can offer tremendous value…”

“Cogsworth is excited to help FaceMyDoc address the problem of effectively coordinating patient and provider availability for their telehealth visits.” says Boris Gefter, founder & CEO of Cogsworth. “Our solution goes above and beyond, helping medical professionals in the United States and around the world to easily schedule appointments with patients in both physical and virtual settings”.

America’s Fastest Growing Telehealth Network

FaceMyDoc, through their Practice-In-A-Box™ solution offers a turn-key telehealth platform connecting on-demand & existing patients while aiming to drive revenues & streamline operations for providers. There are no downloads, plug-ins or browser extensions needed– with only a web browser and an internet connection you can have a telehealth visit instantly. FaceMyDoc provides a full suite of services along with their channel partners that includes risk management, marketing, medical billing, patient care coordination & engagement, diagnostic testing, prescription delivery and more.

“FaceMyDoc remains focused on finding partners who are driving innovation and that can offer tremendous value to our providers. Companies like Cogsworth that lead with phenomenal customer service and have built products that can be easily integrated into our platform are ideal partners for us” says Jen Trainor, V.P. of Business Development at FaceMyDoc.

Company Profiles

About Cogsworth
Cogsworth is a SaaS startup specializing in providing HIPAA-compliant scheduling solutions to dramatically increase patient engagement and decrease no-show appointments. The company was founded in 2017 and is based in Sydney, Australia

About FaceMyDoc
FaceMyDoc is a healthcare technology company that provides a turn-key solution for both Physicians and Non-Physician Practitioners to setup, launch and grow their own virtual clinic.  The company was founded in 2019 in New York and has since expanded coverage of their telehealth network to 30 states with healthcare providers who specialize in Primary & Family Care, Urgent Care, Men & Women’s Health, Sexual Health and Hair & Weight Loss Health among others.

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