Company Policies

Code of Ethics

  • FaceMyDoc is committed to affordable healthcare for all.
  • FaceMyDoc strives to provide the best technology and the most efficient processes to connect providers and patients in accordance with accepted standards of care.
  • FaceMyDoc avoids offering services that are known to be unnecessary or non-efficacious while putting patients over profits.
  • FaceMyDoc commitment to health embraces both care of individuals and providing the best resources.
  • FaceMyDoc will not discriminate, in either the provision of healthcare services or employment practices, on the basis of race, creed, nationality, religion, sex, or ability to pay.

Business Conduct Policy

FaceMyDoc is committed to operating the best-in-service telehealth network in North America; with first-­class people, dynamic technology, unrivaled support, and a friendly professional staff. To promote safety and comfort for all, staff as well as provider members are asked to act appropriately at all times.

FaceMyDoc has a Zero Tolerance Policy regarding the conduct of our staff and our providers; this policy applies to everyone.

FaceMyDoc is a closely-held organization and we expect our staff and member providers representing FaceMyDoc to act maturely, to be patient and understanding, and to respect the rights, feelings and dignity of others. This Business Conduct Policy outlines general prohibited actions. The actions listed below are not an all-­inclusive list of behaviors considered inappropriate:

  • Do not send messages that are deliberately hostile and insulting to staff, patients or other providers.
  • Do not use offensive language.
  • Do not harass others or place unnecessary pressure on them to obtain what you want.
  • Do not communicate negatively about the Company to others whether online or offline, including on the Company platform and third-party platforms such as social media sites.
  • Do not make demands or write messages in CAPS.

Any one found in breach of this conduct will result in permanent termination of the individual, with or without notice effective immediately.  .

The protection of staff, providers and patients who are using the FaceMyDoc platform is of paramount concern to the Company. Therefore, we reserve the right to deny access or membership to any person for any reason.

The Company Management will investigate all reported incidents. Suspension or termination of FaceMyDoc membership privileges may result from a determination by the Company Management if in his/her discretion a violation of the FaceMyDoc Code of Conduct has occurred. In the event of termination of members, there are  no refunds as stated in our Provider Membership Agreement. Refunds will only be given at the discretion of the Company in an amount that is equivalent to what the Company decides, regardless of the total dollar amount of the membership package or other services that were purchased. The terms of any refunds, if applicable, will be outlined in the FaceMyDoc Cancellation Agreement.

Any questions about these policies should be directed to our Support staff. Open a ticket by clicking here and someone should respond within 72 hours.


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